Going out on a limb… again!


It seems trite to begin my first post with that salutation. Old-fashioned. Perhaps anachronistic. But I suspect that the first few kind souls who venture onto this page will be some of my “old” readers – people who made it part of their regular weekly routine to peruse the editorial page of The Essex Free Press in the hopes of being demystified, enlightened or entertained (perhaps even enraged) by my sometimes unique perspective on local happenings.

These same “old” readers may recall a column I wrote called Out on a Limb, a short-lived endeavour that set out to enhance the reader’s experience through a series of lightly humorous stories taken from my life. As a writer, I had hoped that the ritual of writing the column would satisfy some deep-seated desire to unleash the creativity within that the strict confines of editorial writing would not allow. Alas, time is a formidable taskmaster in the news industry and sustaining an additional, albeit irregular, column proved to be impossible.

My pen has been idle for many months now, but that doesn’t mean that the ideas haven’t continued to percolate. I mull and muse, meditate and masticate on all sorts of information – much of it destined to be filed in the furthest recesses of my mind for that great story I plan to write some day.

Well, I’ve decided that “some day” is too uncertain and it’s time to share some of that information before it’s too late. I expect that the furthest recesses of my mind will eventually become unreachable and what good will that store of interesting ephemera do for me and the world then???

So here goes.

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